14 bit midi in SuperCollider

Hello all

Since I am building a lot of 14 bit midi controllers these days, I thought I’d gather up some 14 bit midi functionality in a quark and here it is.

is a 14 bit midi responder making it easy to receive 14 bit midi in SuperCollider. It builds on Carl Testa’s FourteenBitCC class that has been floating around for a bit. It’s got a few nifty extra features, among others a built in pattern proxy and the ability to register a collection of responder functions as well as normalized values.

It is available in the Quarks system as CC14.


Thanks for this!

When I went to install it, I received the following error in the post window:

ERROR: syntax error, unexpected ','
  in interpreted text
  line 6 char 17:

    dependencies: ,
    license: "GNU GPL v3.0",
ERROR: Command line parse failed
WARNING: Failed to parse ~/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/downloaded-quarks/cc14/cc14.quark

I seemed to have fixed the error by opening cc14.quark, and adding quotations after dependencies:

dependencies: "",

I’m on macOS Catalina, and using SCIDE. Not sure if that plays a role in needing them.

IIRC dependencies should be either nil, or an array of strings, but not a single string.

If no dependencies, I think nil would be better.

(Probably the "" doesn’t produce an error because it acts enough like an empty array to escape from problems.)


Whoops. Thanks - it should be fixed now (and I should fix it in the cookiecutter recipe as well… )