3.10-rc1 update

after a productive summer, development has slowed considerably with both brian and me now under other full-time obligations. consequently, 3.10 is starting to drag on, and we’re all feeling some burnout. it’s not a really desperate situation — it’s just part of the natural ebb and flow of a smallish volunteer project, and that’s fine. it’s all fine. no sweat.

in the interest of pushing the release forward, i’m suggesting that we move forward with a somewhat buggy 3.10 and label the following as “known issues”. they are important and legitimate problems, but they’re medium sized projects, and medium-sized is too big for the developer resources we have right now:

fortunately these affect only some users and/or have workarounds, so not catastrophic to release with these unaddressed.

i’ve looked at these three issues and consider them important and relatively easy to address:

so once these are taken care of, i’m down to release rc1.

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hey Nathan,

i think that sounds good! although, is the QtWebEngine-as-optional PR ready to go if you apply the patch i provided? i seem to recall someone reported an IDE crash using that; maybe that was another issue.

i will also cross-post this to sc-dev since i know you’re having trouble posting there at the moment.

as far as the label “somewhat buggy” goes, i’d bet we’ve had more issues fixed than introduced in the last few months on the way from 3.9.3 to 3.10. i don’t think there’s anything to be embarrassed about there.