Accidental horror soundscape


i was experimenting with a modulated multitap delay effect and this happened when i inputted a single impulse with the feedback set at 100%. i discovered this at like 2am and i was really freaked out.

i am deeply concerned that this code is haunted, so i did not alter a single thing for fear of angering whatever malevolent entity i have awakened. thus, the only manual intervention was adding reverb at the end.

// NOTE: NHHall reverb is only available in the unreleased 3.10 version of sc3-plugins.
// Swap it out for JPverb if not available.

~buf = Buffer.alloc(s, Server.default.sampleRate * 0.6, 1);

    var in, pos, snd;
    in =;
    snd = * 1.0; // <- feedback coefficient
    pos =, snd);
    snd = in + (, pos, { rrand(0.05, 0.2) + (, 1.5)) * 0.005) } ! 14).sum * 0.3);
    snd = (snd + 0.1).tanh;
    snd =;;
    snd =, pos, { rrand(0.05, 0.2) } ! 20));
    snd = snd +, 5);
    snd = snd * -10.dbamp;


Well nathan, what you’ve got here is a class 4 psychoacoustic haunting. This one is pure synthesis, not one of those “concrète” ghosts, so it’s going to be tougher to exercise. We’re gonna need to start with a Compander to gate some of that ectoplasmic feedback…


someone’s been reading from the corpus hermeticum

or has it been reading from you? :ghost:


credit where credit is due — this was heavily inspired by the Ursa Major Space Station block diagram. very important to the sound is the aliasing noise created by non-interpolated modulated delay lines. (DelTapRd is non-interpolated by default.)

does anyone know if zapgremlins is effective on other cryptids?


fascinating ! thanks for sharing