All sound is panned to one side

Hello, I have installed SuperCollider using build scripts found on github.

It took a while but everything installed successfully and works as expected, and I’ve been able to work through most of an introductory tutorial. The only issue I’m having is that (using headphones) all sound is panned completely to one side. Or maybe there is only one channel of output and so sound only goes to one side of my headphones.

Sorry to have such an unspecific problem, I’m completely new to SuperCollider so I have no clue what could be causing this. I’m pretty stupid when it comes to Linux audio, using JACK, etc.

Can one of you with more expertise or knowledge point me in the right direction?

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Is the following code producing sound on only one side ?

{[440, 800]) }.play;

If that’s the case, can you copy/paste what’s in the post window when you boot the server please ?

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Your example plays correctly, and I can see why it does. The tutorial I’m reading only uses a single scalar value as an argument for each .ar message.

Thank you for your help with such a beginner question!

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NP ! Enjoy the journey, SC is hard but fascinating !

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You can also have a mono processing chain, and then expand it to stereo at the end by myMonoSignal.dup.

See also>Multichannel>Panners especially Pan2.


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