[ANN] Squine: sine-saw-square-pulse morphing oscil with hardsync


Squine Ugen is a sine-square-saw-pulse morphing oscillator with hardsync.
It works well as LFO or to extend the palette of FM setups.
Output is bandlimited in all configurations including high index FM.

Files for Mac/Windows at https://github.com/required-field/squinewave/releases

The code is fairly stable, a version has been in Csound for a couple years.
(…and I very modestly think it should replace most sine/square oscils in every softsynth ever :wink: )

Is here a good place for announcements?
I see very few similar posts - maybe writing and using externals is not a popular sport with SC users?
Is there some kind of process to make new Ugens available to users with minimal hassle?

rasmus ekman


Looks good! The quarks are (at least mostly) only for language-side extensions written in sclang. Server plugins is a bit more complicated - there is the SC3-plugins package, which currently is in a semi-frozen state, unlikely to accept new contributions.

I recall there has been discussions about extending the quarks system to include server plugins, but it’s afaik not there yet. Meanwhile I guess the best option is to make your own binary release (as you’ve already done), and maybe make a pull request to the Awesome SuperCollider list?

Hi Rasmus
Great job on this one! Yes as @jpburstrom mentioned, feel free to add it to the awesome sc list!

I’ve added it to the Arch User Repository for those on Arch Linux based systems. They can now install via paru -S supercollider-squinewave-git. Looking forward to trying it out properly!


The best way atm is probably like you have done making prebuilt binaries available on the github repo. You can automate this using github actions (the cookiecutter template for sc plugins will be updated soon with an action built in): Auto build + release workflow of supercollider plugins

Thanks all for suggestions, I’ll work on those.

Mads, yep - I just looked at your page, so there… :slight_smile:

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Great - and I just tried it. It’s awesome. Good job!!

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It seem to output messages to the post window:

Min_Sweep: 11.000000
Min_Sweep: 11.000000
Min_Sweep: 8.000000

can this be disabled?

Of course, will be for release.

(It’s debug debris, also cos I’m still on the fence whether to allow fractional MinSweep. I don’t think that it would break anything, but needs to be tested)