Anyone used before?

Can’t make the third-party Extension play. It seems originally from Csound. Anyone used this before? Or any other flutelike model? I’m trying to build a Pipeorgan/Reedorgan, any suggestions for other Ugens, models, etc?

cheers, Benu

There’s a basic flute example here which might work for you madskjeldgaard/mk-synthlib: My SynthDef factory for SuperCollider - drafts/cheapflute.scd at main - mk-synthlib -

I’ve sucessfully used the flutestk.dsp model in faust-stk in the past (but I didn’t use it from supercollider back then - I used some other backend). see Romain Michon - Faust-STK

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Victor Bombi has a nice flute @Victor_Bombi