Are there any plans to get QTableView bindings into SC?

I’m thinking that a lot of the stuff that was previous done with FlowLayout would work well with QTableView and will have some extra advantages, e.g. you could have an EnvirGui that’s sortable by name (or any external order) without the somewhat kludgy stuff from ParamGui etc. Likewise you could have multiple envirs displayed in the same table, with a different column for the envir/Pdef name (I’ve actually implemented a bit of hack to do that presently with EnvirGui by adding a prefix to names of the fields of each Pdef.envir–but it’s not ready for use by others.)

The TreeView class implements QTreeView, which can get you much of the same behavior.
It’s unlikely that there would be any formal dev team effort going into supporting new QT C++ widgets like QTableView - these are effectively legacy components in QT, and don’t see much active development work.

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In case anyone else cares about this: although there are no examples in the TreeView help page, the source for the Quarks gui ( uses this TreeView class. It even has a button sub-widget in one of the columns (impl in QuarkRowView)… which is quite promising for re-implementing EnvirGui++ that way.

Also ParameterGui2 in another quark (mmPresetInterpolator), which doesn’t even do row sub-classing (so that’s not strictly necessary as one might infer from the QuarksGui. Alas ParameterView in that latter quark is somewhat idiosyncratic to OSC parameters, rather than internal SC Events, i.e. not a good drop-in replacement for EnvirGui.