Avoiding TempoClock crashing with "scheduler queue is full"

Hi everyone

I am doing some stuff using patterns containing lots of events. This works fine generally but while preparing it for a live performance I have run into some issues I simply cannot figure out.

When changing the tempo clock’s tempo, sometimes I get a “scheduler queue is full” error message and then sc crashes completely. I have tried running it all off a TempoClock with a queueSize of 16384 as opposed to the defaut of 256 but that did not solve my problem. Does anyone have good tips for avoiding this?

Clearing resp. stopping TempoClocks might help.

Or other way round: keep new TempoClocks in variables and stop them before overwriting the variables and loosing control of older TempoClocks.

I only use one TempoClock instance (AFAIK). But does changing the tempo of it spawn new tempoclocks?

No - but another source of that kind error could be extremely short event deltas, say it goes down to fractions of a millisecond only for moment as a result of your control combination of high tempo and short durs: boom.

… and of course a classic: letting durs fall to 0 …

Aha! I am always careful of not getting 0 in \dur. But something I had not considered is avoiding 0’s in Pseg’s duration argument, which seems to have been the culprit in my case!

Thanks for the ideas. I THINK this solved it (but let’s see at tomorrow’s concert, haha)

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