Back from the dead yay!

Oh man, I’m so excited to be back into SC after 8 months! What are you all excited about that’s new in SC? What have you learned recently?


You probably remember the post about the Hadron JIT-compiler for sclang… nothing exciting yet, though it’s slowly building.

The latest version SC is 3.12.2, bleeding edge is 3.13.0-dev… the website looks new.

Lately I’ve been more interested in Serum… it turns out the wavetables can be loaded into SC, so it should make a thread soon.

AlgaLib is a new exciting alternative to the JIT Library. Check it out !


@Rainer I’ll be honest, I don’t know what that means in a practical sense. Have you made any thing with it? And you mean serum the VST? Blasphemous! j/k

@Geoffroy - This looks really promising. I’m about to mess with this tonight. Thank you for suggesting. Have you done anything good with it? Is it in a usable state for you?

I haven’t done a full piece with it, just spent a few hours with it, and it’s totally in a usable state. Tip : start with long interpolation times (like 1 to 3 minutes), it’s really fun !

Oh man. Awesome. This is what I was trying to do with envelopes a year ago. I’m excited

To be perfectly honest, I’m not exactly sure either.

I was searching for information on Serum’s formula parser, and discovered it may be possible to load the wavetables into SC using Buffer.allocConsecutive to create 256 consecutive size-2048 wavetables, Signal to create and fill them, and VOsc to play them back.

I wasn’t able to get any more information on it… it just happened to be
the last thing I was getting into, when you arrived.

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