Best practice with do loops

Hey, I have a beginners question:
How can I write this shorter. I’m pretty sure there is a way, but can’t find it in the help:

i = 0;{

Perhaps one of the below?{ arg i; (i + 1).postln }){ arg i; i.postln })
(1 … 8).do({ arg i; i.postln })

Ps. The “Look Up Implementations…” entries in the “Language” menu of the editor can be a nice way of finding things…{|i|('Execute'++i).postln};

thanks! I didn’t know about the “Loop Up Implementation”. That helps

That’s exactly what I was searching for. Thanks! So the argument counts upwards automatically!{ |i| (\Execute ++ (i + 1)).postln }
(1..8).do{ |i| (\Execute ++ i).postln }