Blog: How to mass produce SynthDefs

Hi everyone

I wrote a little blog post about mass / factory producing SynthDefs in SuperCollider. Useful for making multi channel versions of your SynthDefs and quasi-dynamical patching.


I’d really like to learn more about this topic, but the link to the blog post is not currently working for me. Has it maybe been moved? (In particular, I’m trying to figure out how to create versions of fft-based synths with different fft sizes, with minimum hassle.)

Welcome aboard Patrick.
I can access the blog using this link: SuperCollider tutorial: Mass producing SynthDefs :: Mads Kjeldgaard — Composer and developer

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If anyone wants to see an extreme version of this concept, you can check out the code for my synthlib: madskjeldgaard/mk-synthlib: My SynthDef factory for SuperCollider - mk-synthlib -

Note - I don’t offer support for this or recommend others use it, it is mostly for myself but feel free to check it out for extreme factory production inspiration :slight_smile:


I found it, thanks! (And with a little tinkering got it to work for my current purposes.)