BPF amplitude compensation

Hello everyone,

I’m varying the rq parameter in the BPF band pass filter. That means that the amplitude of my sound changes since more or less energy is let through. Is there a way to compensate for the amplitude change?

{BPF.ar(Saw.ar, 880, LFTri.kr(0.1).exprange(0.01, 10))}.play



One way would be to use Balance so the output level matches the filter input level:

{       var source = Saw.ar;
	var filt = BPF.ar(source, 880, LFTri.kr(0.1).exprange(0.01, 10));
	Balance.ar(filt, source);	


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I do the following thing, don’t know if it’s really equal gain in the in the end, but seems to work.

BPF.ar(sig, freq, rq, mul*(1/rq.sqrt))

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@TXMod, thanks for the tip, I didn’t know about Balance.

@Benu, that seems to work nicely enough, thanks.