Bus 🚌 not arriving

Hello all,

I’m quite baffled here as to why the voice synth is not going through effects. I built a simplified version which worked, but the one below still not. I’ve even hard coded the bus numbers in the arguments.

	SynthDef.new (\voice, {
		arg out=3;
		var gate = Line.kr(0, 1, \dur.kr) <= 0.999999;
		var main_env = EnvGen.kr(Env.asr(\attackTime.kr, 1, \releaseTime.kr), gate: gate, doneAction: 2);
		var playback_ptr = Phasor.ar(0, BufRateScale.kr(\buf.kr) * \rate.kr(-1), \start.kr, \end.kr);
		var window_ptr = playback_ptr.linlin(\start.kr, \end.kr, 0, 1);
		var window = IEnvGen.ar(Env.sine(), window_ptr);
		var sig = BufRd.ar(2, \buf.kr, playback_ptr) * \amp.kr * window;
		var panned = Pan2.ar(sig, \pan.kr); 
		Out.ar(out, panned * main_env * 0.5);  
	SynthDef.new (\effects, {
		arg in=3, out=0;
		var sig = In.ar(in, 1); 
		Out.ar(out, sig);			

I thought it might be something to do with stereo or mono but it appears not. If I set the out of voice to 0 I get audio, so that synth is definitely working. The bottom synth could hardly be simpler, but I can’t get a signal out of it.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Without seeing the code of how you’re instantiating these synths, I would bet it’s an order of execution thing. Check out the add actions section of that link. Your effects Synth needs to come after the voice on the Node Tree.

Thanks Thresholdpeople,

That was absolute it, and your link was perfect for solving the issue.

Anyone else having this problem Eli has a great tutorial in addition to the very good documentation… SuperCollider Tutorial: 7. Server Architecture - YouTube

Thanks again :slight_smile: