Call item inside of class / save the several parameter in index

RedObject(world, loc, vec, 0, 10.rand, ~initSize.value);


This is the define of the class, in quark of redUnivere
World, loc(location), vec(vector) is 2d vector
0, 10.rand, ~ initSize each a float of mass and acceleration, size

After the define the function,

How to call and save ot the item of class?
Does it has any method? Or should I define it inside of the class(in .sc file)?

I keep posting about weired questions :slight_smile:
And I keep forwarding to developing with so many good advices haha

I want to make a 10 agent in a 2d window, It keeps change the location and inside of that I want to add some parameters around 10 engaged with index, different angle values and corelations

But the problem is a bit hard properly call and upadate this values inside of the class

So that I want to extend some class and put the data on it or Does anyone has an ideas this kinds of things to easy access of the existing data and writing new data?!