Can I run SuperCollider on a tablet?

Hi! I built a live-video sonification project which runs a web server and SuperCollider on a Mac laptop with ad-hoc wifi, sound played via Bluetooth, and use an iPad connected to the laptop via wifi running p5.js in the browser to capture and process live video and send data via OSC to the laptop.

It works most of the time. Sometimes the wifi, the bluetooth or SuperCollider needs to be restarted because things sound wrong or communication is not established. Once it runs, it stays running. It is stressful for the artist to deal with the uncertainty of things working or not.

It would be less error prone to run it on one device instead of two. Apple hardware is too closed to achieve this, but I was wondering if anyone has tried running SuperCollider on a Windows tablet? Maybe I could run SuperCollider, the web server and the web browser all in the same device?

Would SuperCollider run in an Quad-core Atom CPU like this one?

Linux would be even nicer. Anyone tried that?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Answering my own question, I have the project now ported to a Surface Go 3 tablet running Windows


I wouldn’t say it was fun to deal with Windows, but it works :slight_smile: I double tap a script file which launches a nodejs web server, a web browser capturing the camera input with p5.js and processing it with shaders, and SuperCollider sonifying the live video input. p5.js connects to nodejs via web sockets, SuperCollider receives data from nodejs via OSC.