Chiptune UGens?

Just tried the AY UGen (from sc3-plugins)… failed utterly. On my Linux machine, it outputs only a DC offset. (Did a clean rebuild of sc3-plugins, didn’t help, it’s still broken.)

I vaguely remember that there might have been other chiptune plugins but I can’t find them in the help system now… am I missing something, or was I dreaming it?

Bit discouraging… I thought, “hey, let me try something I didn’t do before” and… immediately, bug. That happens to me a lot.


There are quite a few chip emulations in f0plugins, but I’ve only tested them very briefly.

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Also I found out, it’s not really a bug. It’s rather that the control input is not well documented. I’m about to rewrite it and submit a pull request to improve that.

Short summary is: use control = 7 to pass the three oscillators through cleanly.