Compiling sc3-plugins Windows

sorry for this totally beginner question but i dont understand how to compile the sc3 plugins in Windows and the compiling concept in general.

  1. I copied the sc3-plugins into the extensions folder
  2. opened the cmd menu and typed in the following lines (actually was typing in sc at first, is it obvious to open the cmd menu for such operations?):
    git clone --recursive
    git clone --recursive
    this seemed to work. But can someone please explain me what this does? I thought i already downloaded sc3-plugins and put it in the extensions folder. what is now downloaded and where is it put?
  3. typed in mkdir build && cd build in the cmd menu and
    got C:\Windows\System32\build
    which path should i use now for cmake and where exactly have i chosen a path for cloning?
    thanks :slight_smile:

i once asked this question about compiling and still lacking a general idea of it and a specific understanding of how to do it. I would like to compile GitHub - BansMarbol/PolyPitch: The PolyPitch extension for SuperCollider by Nick Collins for Windows 10 64 bit. Can someone explain to me how it is done? (the sc3-plugins are already working ;)) thanks a lot.

on mac, the folder must be located in the supercollider plugins directory located in library, once done you must select Recompile class library from the language tab.

i think this installation method is only working when the extension/quark was already compiled for the corresponding OS. There are only compiled Mac OS versions of PolyPitch available, so it has to be compiled for Windows 10 64 Bit before i can put it in the corresponding folder in SC and recompile the class library.
Its done with these instruction, but I dont understand them. I think its not obvious how these things are done for non professional programmers. But i would like to have a general understanding and a solution for the specific case with PolyPitch. btw. what is the difference between extensions, quarks and plug-ins? thanks alot :slight_smile:


To compile for platforms other than Mac, using the SC native FFT interface, comment out: \#define OSXACCELERATENOTSCFFT in MultipitchHeader.h

Compilation requires libsamplerate from Secret Rabbit Code (aka libsamplerate)

Compilation example: 64 bit (e.g. SC 3.6)

Make sure in CMakeLists.txt that the 64bit library linking line is uncommented and 32bit is commented Then on the command line (assuming CMake is installed and you have the source code of SuperCollider at /data/gitprojects/scdev/supercollider):

cmake -DSC_PATH=/data/gitprojects/scdev/supercollider -DCMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES='x86_64'