Complete n00b question

Got here from Sonic Pi. I teach middle school computer science and use SP in some of my classes. I wanted to dive into SC for my own learning, but naturally stuck right after install

Using Windows 10, dl’ed SC 3.10.3 for 64bit and installed without any error messages.

Tried the hello world program and got no response in the lower right of the IDE. The server did seem to initialize and showed the helloworld message from the startup.scd file. However, when I use CTRL-Enter or SHIFT-Enter, nothing seems to happen. The help browser also doesn’t show anything, but constantly says, “sending request”.

So I’m wondering if there is some port that needs opening or setting up, perhaps?

Bob in SC (South Carolina!)

Unfortunately this is a known issue occurring on some Windows machines but not others.

Disabling the Windows system policy “Audit Removable Storage” has helped in some cases but not always – it’s worth a try.

There’s a fix being considered but it’s not released yet.


That’s a major bummer! I went to the issues page on github and went through the steps on disabling and reenabling the Audit Removable Storage policy, but no joy. I suppose there’s something in my organization’s policies that is causing this, but no way to find out on winter holiday.

I’m open to any other suggestions!

and to make it even more frustrating, I decided to investigate TidalCycles, since I couldn’t get SC to work. Didn’t realize that TC uses SC and runs inside the SC editor… So looks like I’m striking out there as well. Has anyone run into these install issues?

FYI @CrouchingPython, I have just merged this PR which resolved this issue in the cases where we could reproduce it reliably. it will be included in the next release of SC, which should be arriving sometime in the next two months.

Thanks. Just to update, for some reason when I went back to SC a week ago, 3.10.3 for Windows10, it just ran without the browser window hanging. I did run a few updates on Windows since my original post, and perhaps that solved it.