Default SynthDef

aaarg - anyone know where the default SynthDef is defined?

related: is there any way to know in general what file a loaded SynthDef was compiled from ?


It’s defined in

Don’t know the answer to the other Q :slight_smile:

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line 165 of

SynthDef(\default, { arg out=0, freq=440, amp=0.1, pan=0, gate=1;
			var z;
			z = + [0, Rand(-0.4,0.0), Rand(0.0,0.4)], 0, 0.3, 0.3)),,5000), Rand(2500,3200), 1)
			) *, 0.01, 0.7, 0.3, 2);,, pan, amp));
		}, [\ir]).add;
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In general, I think, no. It’s the job of the global SynthDescLib to store a SynthDef’s relevant data in the language. So, you can investigate by[\default].dump

No proper candidates here, metadata is an empty Event. If you need that info you could do something like

SynthDef(\test, {, }, metadata: (path: "path")).add

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here’s my override in case anyone is interested!

 + SynthDef  {
	*new { arg name, ugenGraphFunc, rates, prependArgs, variants, metadata;
		^super.newCopyArgs(name.asSymbol).variants_(variants).metadata_((path: thisProcess.nowExecutingPath)).children_(
			.build(ugenGraphFunc, rates, prependArgs)

you can then query[\name].metadata.path