Delay Coordinate Embedding

Stechoscope’s X/Y property plots two adjacent audio buses, typically the stereo output left and right. I am interested in plotting in lissajou style one channel with a past version of itself (e.g. 10 previous samples) or two past versions (resulting in a 3d plot), using the Delay Coordinate Embedding technique that approximates the system’s phase space.

Is there a workaround with stethoscope to make this work? Or should a completely new plotting functionality be implemented? Any hints for the latter?

This is a quick solution using the Stethoscope class:

(, 2);, 2);

{var,2);, [sig[0],[0],0.001,0.001)]);, [sig[1],[1],0.001,0.001)])
}.play;, 2, ~busesL.index);, 2, ~busesR.index);

For implementing a 3d plot, would changing the Stethoscope class be a good idea for starters?