Developer meeting polls


here’s the doodle poll for our next dev meeting:

watch this topic to be notified of future polls!

if you are not in the skype group, please privately contact someone who is.



beep beep here it is


i expect to be busy next weekend, so if people want a dev meeting, someone else will have to step up to organize. sorry about that.








Hey all,

Here’s a meeting time poll for the next developer meeting. Everyone with an interest in improving SuperCollider is welcome to attend!

Dev meetings are held on Skype. If you aren’t already in the group, please send me your Skype ID privately and I’ll add you.

Regards, Nathan






Are there still minutes recorded from these meetings? I’d like to keep track when I can.


hi mike, we took minutes for the last few meetings but i think the wiki page was not updated. will take care of this shortly.



Thanks, I look forward to following along!


Hey Mike,

I’ve updated the minutes page on the wiki with minutes for the previous two meetings. Sorry for the delay!