Development Meetings: Minutes

SC Dev meeting 2.27.22

James, Marcin, Gianluca, Nathan and Josh

Looking at vcpkg for Windows readline
Or - could vcpkg be used for universal libraries build on Mac in the future?
Does CI have vcpkg? If it does, then we can use it for some dependencies.
James will look more at vcpkg best practices

5713 - Gianluca thinks we should shrink it down a little with mDone flags
Should be ready soon
How far should we go with adding these on a test suite?
2 more commits coming - one updating what is using this macro, the other with tests

5718 - will update to make sure tests outside the IDE are running ok… Gianluca pushed changes then will approve and MERGED

5702 - looks fine (brought up system libraries question that is somewhat outside this PR - but we think should be on the look out for this)- merged!

4971 - James will follow up this week

5686 - needs formatting

5680 - waiting on update

5657 - merged

5611 - merged

5601 - merged

5483 - merged

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