Display SoundFile in a Buffer

Hey, inspired by volker böhms jit.pvocanal~object for max/msp see: ircam lecture Volker Böhm. Musical practices and coding work presentation - Ressources i would like to display a soundfile loaded in a buffer (dictionary with buffers) used with PV_BufRd and use a slider from a MIDIdevice to scan through the bins of the soundfile while its playing and be able to freeze (push button) a certain part with PV_Freeze for further adjustments to the frozen sound.

Ive come across a thread where it has been explained that the programming interface is totally different between buffers and sound files. But setData could be used here… Ive looked at the helpfile from setData and the helpfile from Multisliderview “Display Soundfile” which creates a type of GUI i like. Where can i start from here and apply the code from the helpfile to soundfiles loaded into buffers? Im very sorry for these general kind of questions demanding a lot of work from others, but maybe someone could guide me in a good direction. Im trying to break it down into smaller problems right now (see other threads). thanks a lot.

MultiSliderView Helpfile example "Display a Soundfile"

var size, file, maxval, minval;
size = 640;
a = Window("test", Rect(200 , 140, 650, 150));
a.view.decorator = FlowLayout(a.view.bounds);
b = MultiSliderView(a, Rect(0, 0, size, 50));

d = Array.new;
c = FloatArray.newClear(65493);
r = Slider( a, Rect(0, 0, size, 12));
r.action = {arg ex; b.gap = (ex.value * 4) + 1};
file = SoundFile.new;
file.openRead(Platform.resourceDir +/+ "sounds/a11wlk01.wav");

// file.inspect;
minval = 0;
maxval = 0;
f = Array.new;
d = Array.new;
c.do({arg fi, i;
    if(fi < minval, {minval = fi});
    if(fi > maxval, {maxval = fi});

    if(i % 256 == 0,{
        d = d.add((1 + maxval ) * 0.5 );
        f = f.add((1 + minval ) * 0.5 );

        minval = 0;
        maxval = 0;

b.reference_(d); // this is used to draw the upper part of the table
r = Slider( a, Rect(0, 0, size, 12));
r.action = {arg ex; b.startIndex = ex.value *f.size};
// b.enabled_(false);
b.action = {arg xb; ("index: " ++ xb.index).postln};
b.colors_(Color.black, Color.blue(1.0,1.0));
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