Does it have easy option to check the bracket options or external tool?

I am quite new to supercollider.
I am looking for an easy way to check the pair of brackets.

If It has some error with the bracket, Is there an easy option or external to check the pair of the bracket??

I think this is not intuitive for checking the pair of brackets.

Unfortunately not. Scide is lacking in some ways. There are alternative IDEs, but if you are new to programming it is best to avoid them whilst you familiarise yourself with supercollider.
That being said, we do have a very good auto-indenter! Just highlight your code and press tab, you can then see where the error is in the code when it doesn’t align as expected.

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@Jordan - I think pressing TAB is your own user defined behavior, my auto-indent is set to something else…or maybe I am missing something.

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Oh it might be actually (away from pc atm)… I highlight the code then press tab?
If not, I’d strongly recommend lookin in the preference and making an easy to access binding for auto indent - makes debugging absence brackets so much simpler.


Tab is (AFAIK) the default key binding in SC-IDE for indenting a block or line of code.


Oh I just realize that I have only used tab on single lines before, just tried it now on a whole code block, was note aware it could fix indentation over several lines. Now I am confused about the difference between TAB and the ‘Auto Indent line or Region’ in the edit menu.

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