Does the AmbisonicToolKit consist of multiple libraries?

I installed atk-sc3 and did some experiments with First Order Ambisonic. I like it a lot and now I want to experiment with Higher Order Ambisonics. So I tried to find out in the ATK documentation what I will need for that. But then things are getting confusing for me. Does ATK consist of multiple libraries? Like:
It is completely unclear to me what I need to install. Can anyone shed some light on this?

It is completely unclear to me what I need to install.

Did you follow this guide?

A full ATK install consists of:

The other projects you’ve listed are not part of the ATK.

Thanks @bovil43810 for your concise reply here.

I’ll just add that there are some further dependencies that are automagically installed by the atk-sc3 quark. These can be viewed in the quark file.

Yes I did install those (atk-sc3, sc3-plugins and the additional stuff). And it seems to work. But I want to understand what I’m doing and thus started reading the documentation. In the documentation all those other libraries are mentioned as if they are part of the ATK. That confuses me.

Presumably you’re refering to Related Packages? And this text(?):

When you’ve fully completed the installation of the ATK, you’ll automagically also have two other packages installed, the SuperCollider builtins8 and those found in JoshUGens. The other two, AmbIEM and SC-HOA require additional steps.

Actually, I’ve just noticed that there is an error here, in that 3Dj isn’t mentioned, but is discussed below… I’ve just filed an issue: Mention 3Dj in Related Packages overview #112

Would it help to italicize require additional steps to make this clearer?

The fact some are automatically installed, does that mean they are needed? Are they used when using ATK functions?
When do I need those other libraries? Do all the ATK examples only use the basic installed libraries, or do I need to install the others for it too?
These kind of things are not clear to me. But I’m very new to ambisonic. It may be clear for more experienced users.

The ATK doesn’t need these extra components. We’ve just documented these for convenience and clarity.

If you’d like to run some code that uses these components, you’ll need these.

There are a few examples comparing the ATK w/ 3rd party support; these are stated in the documentation.

The intention is to illustrate how the ATK can be integrated into the wider ecosystem of Ambisonic libraries available in SuperCollider. If you’re finding any of this to be specifically confusing, I’d like to invite you to file an issue in the issue tracker. We’d like the documentation to be as clear as possible. When you do file an issue, please point to specific sections / elements of the text, quoting in the tracker.

From what you’ve said above, it looks like you’re all good to go and have a working installation of the ATK.

Have fun!!