Enveloppe circle in a pattern

Hello Everyone,

this envelope loop

Env.new([0,1,0.1,0],[0.5,0.5,2], 'lin', 2, 0).test;

why not in a pattern ??

		\tempo, 4,
		\degree, Env.new([0,1,0.1,0],[0.5,0.5,2], 'lin', 2, 0),

someone knows how make it happen in this way?

Pseg could be what you’re looking for

Yes that’s right.

I feel it is the kind of thing SuperCollider often does that we absolutely need to deprecate. Why offering an half of functionality for something that you can do fully elsewhere ? Adding the lack of documentation ! Who is using the embedInStream function of Enveloppe instead of Pseg, since the loop node feature disappears ??

Thank you !

Have you checked out “Pattern Guide 06b: Time Based Patterns”? I think it gives a pretty good look at the different possibilities for this.

That exactly what I think. I’ve read this guide and actually totally forgot it. But in fact, yes, there is no documentation lack.
My point is just : what is Env as a stream but a Env minus things or a Pseg minus things ? Do i miss the point of Env ?

Use penv. It’s not documented but there are examples out there.