Event after RecordBuf


I am looking for a way to fire a noteOn event after the RecordBuf time is elapsed.
The noteOn event will be used to switch off a LED of a midi controller.


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You can’t send midi from the server, only osc, so you need to throw and catch the osc.

In synth

rec = RecordBuf.ar…;
SendReply.kr( Done.kr(rec), /recording/done, 1);

In sclang, where ~midiOut is already set up.

OSCdef(\record_catcher, {
~midiOut.noteOn(16, 60, 60);
}, /recording/done);

I haven’t tested this code, on mobile, but I think that works!
If you are trigger when the record but should record with an argument, it’s better to do this a different way.


Hi jordan,

and thanks and hello to the forum.

Ui, that looks interesting. I will try it.


an easier way is to just use onFree. no need for OSCdef and SendReply.


SynthDef(\myrecorder, {|buf|
	RecordBuf.ar(SoundIn.ar, buf, loop: 0, doneAction:2);
b.free; b= Buffer.alloc(s, 2*s.sampleRate);
m= MIDIOut(0);

Synth(\myrecorder).onFree({m.noteOn(0, 60, 80).postln});  //record 2sec and then send out noteOn
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