Exit code 0/could not initalize audio, and muting browser audio?

I’m on fedora linux and supercollider is giving me this error and having trouble starting up

could not initialize audio.
Server 'localhost' exited with exit code 0.

I can get it to boot after quitting it and trying again, and sound will work within supercollider but audio within my browser (yt videos) are muted, even when displaying that sound is on. I’m trying to follow a tutorial so obviously this isn’t ideal :sob: does anyone know how to fix these errors?

The weird thing is the last time I used supercollider (several months ago) it worked perfectly fine as well, and I can’t think what could’ve caused this.

This is a jack problem, you need pulse sink to listen to non jack sound when jack is running, and supercollider needs jack. You should be able to find information online easily about setting pulse sink up, to fix the supercollider error just make sure jack is running beforehand.

iirc fedora uses pipewire by default, so information regarding older methods of integrating jack and pulseaudio will not apply.

I’m not totally sure how fedora packages and configures pipewire and its components, but on Arch I needed to install an additional pipewire-jack package for jack clients like sc to talk to pipewire. Based on a quick search it looks like the equivalent dnf package is pipewire-plugin-jack.

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