Fast, cheap and out of control: low-cost audio interfaces

hi there-
i’ve had a few experiences over the past few months with cheap audio interfaces sounding bad. i know this probably comes as a shock to many of you.
this might be a little off-topic - but SC Users seem to be a pretty discerning group of people when it comes to this subject. i’m curious if any has experiences with any cheaper interfaces/usb audio card adapters that sound “good.” it’s a strange time in consumer electronics - you can pay whatever you want for something - but there is increasingly little information about what’s inside the box and there is an entire industry that seems to be based around misinformation and misdirection. i’d be curious to hear what some professionals thought.

I have this:

No issues. I have several products from Behringer including their 303 clone and I’ve not had issues with them. I regularly use both the XLR and 1/4" and have been very pleased with the quality, especially at that price FWIW

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You can try audiosciencereview for more accurate information on performance.


this is fantastic. thank you.