Get pbindef arguments

hello, probably a stupid question but i cannot really wrap my head around this one. Tried some of the inherited methods from Node etc.

i’m spawning a bunch of pbindef’s stored in a Dictionary from a midicontroller. What is the easiest way to get the args of one of the playing Pbindef? i want to map those on the fly to a bank of knobs. thanks!

ps. also is it possible to get the \instrument args from the playing pbindef and manipulate them? that would be even better in my case.

to clarify a bit: now i have some hardwired arguments in my Pbindef \kn1, \kn2… as well as in the synthdef. and i send some values from the midi knobs like this:

Pbindef(pbind.asSymbol, ~ktrlsymb[i], val/127)

(~ktrlsymb = array with symbols \kn1, \kn2 etc. , pbind.asSymbol selected pbindef)

which works but i don’t want to hardwire \kn1 \kn2 in the pbindef/synthdef… would be cool to just getting the args of the selected pbindef or its corresponding synth and being able to automap them to the knobs