Gifted a Raspberry Pi


I was given a Raspberry Pi 4 computer and I know I want to use SuperCollider but I have very little idea of what Raspberry Pi does or anything.

I know I need a power supply and a screen and I would like to use it as a synthesizer maybe with sensors as a control or some kind of sequencer like a 303 if that’s something that can be done. I also have an EWI - the kind without onboard sounds - and am wondering if this could be a way to use some of the SynthDefs I’ve written for it without my laptop.

Does anyone have any suggestions (other than learn more about it before you start into it because that’s where I am, I just know that integrating SC is going to be my primary interest).

What have others used it for? And might you recommend purchasing for it? Apologies if (read:because) this is a really uninformed question.

@madskjeldgaard wrote a neat little guide on how to get started with Raspberry pi and audio stuff, you can probably start there Notes for setting up a Raspberry Pi 4 for audio work :: Mads Kjeldgaard — Composer and developer

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