Hair metal and SuperCollider

What do you think is the best way to combine the two?

: )

Thanks everyone in advance


Is that for real? I laughed so much…

There are a few genuinely good things on there - and a few genuinely ridiculous things too.

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To be honest, everyone… I’m here to make SC sexy…

Not that it wasn’t before : P

But hair metal will solidify it for good I think

I may do an SC rendition of this piece

More interested in Black Metal and SuperCollider

Also got u covered:

Ha! I’d forgotten about this album.

I just want SC to be sexy tho


When someone sits down to code on SC… I want women to scream and stuff :))

Just like when you put on a electric guitar… :))

That’s all I’m trying to do… : )

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Simple. Load them in a buffer, then make 'em scream all night long.

If you haven’t read it, a fantastic interview with Drew Daniel about the album, and black metal/fandom/queer experience/bad politics in music/etc etc etc. He’s always a super sharp thinker / writer.

I think I share his ambivalence. I love quite a bit of black metal, but god the politics. Though mostly the politics just seem really infantile.

At least with grindcore you knew the bands were pretty solid politically. Plus the Napalm Death affiliated people have put out a ridiculous number of good electronic albums over the years… Recently discovered that Broadrick released a bunch of Drum n’ Bass and techno in the 90s/early 00s.

So a Grindcore techno album from Mondkopf:

Justin Broadrick is responsible for some of the best techno releases in the last couple years, tbh:

(also, wow, I haven’t heard that Mondkopf release :fire::fire::fire:)