Has anyone used LNX studio

Experience using LNX studio (check all that apply)
  • Never heard of LNX.
  • Never used LNX.
  • Currently unable to use LNX.
  • I think LNX is confusing.
  • I think LNX, has too many bugs.
  • I think LNX is an impressive project.
  • I rarely use LNX.
  • I occasionally use LNX.
  • I often use LNX.
  • I use LNX as my primary composition tool.
  • I use LNX more than SC.
  • I use LNX more than any other DAW.
  • I haven’t composed any music in LNX.
  • I am currently in the process of composition using LNX.
  • I have created more than one track using LMX.

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Is it an abandoned project? The home page has been saying (Linux - Alpha release out soon) for the last five years.

At one point some 5 years ago I was really looking forward to trying it, but by now I had almost forgotten about its existence. It does appear to have a lot of widgets that would be very interesting if they were usable outside LNX as well (e.g. piano roll editor).

My understanding is that yes, it is abandoned. Quite a shame because I find the idea of an open-source DAW where every element is programmable in text very appealing.

It seems like there is a newer, similar project out there, also using SC, called TX Modular. Last time I tried to use it, I found it a little confusing, but maybe I just didn’t give it enough time. I’m really hoping one of these projects takes off, or that someone makes a SuperCollider VST wrapper that I can use in any DAW (something like Protoplug or ReaJS).

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I was able to open LNX in Mac OS X Lion… maybe… 3 years ago? … Everything worked as it should, if I recall… I was simply more involved in my own work at the time.

My guess is, development surely would’ve continued, had their been amy sort of promising response from the community

It seems almost hard to believe… a full-featured DAW writen in entirely in SuperCollider, integrated networking for collaborating with other artists, and sounds far from unimpressive…

So what’s the true verdict… shouldn’t we all be making tracks in this, collaborating and live steeaming over its network, uploading projects, or perhaps even creating a movement that expands beyond SC… begins to compete with Ableton, Reaper, etc… catching glimpses the news / media, getting more & more people interested and contributing to the source and talent of this community?

What’s really preventing us from creating the best of both worlds … Ableton & SC, into one utimate force or superpower? …

I know VST is a must, if LNX was more widely used… we’d potentially design more open-source LNX Studio effects, for the expansion of possibility in music & synthesis, than there are expensive presets for plugins like Serum M4L etc.

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I think it’s still being developed:

last commit 27 days ago

I’ve tried to run it on linux a few years ago,
to no avail.

You might reach out to the developer!

…hey you linked the ‘xplat osx’ branch (…the last update was 26 days ago)

the master & dev branches haven’t been touched since 2016

Readme.md (master branch) claims Linux and Windows are still in development… and so LNX is still currently Mac OSX only, but the installation process is pretty straightforward… nearly as much as most OSX apps.

LNX also contains several custom interfaces, supporting a number of classics:

Moog Sub 37

an interface for the Moog Sub 37 synthesiser.

Roland JP-08

an interface for the Roland JP-08 synthesiser.

Korg Volca Bass

an interface for the Korg Volca Bass synthesiser.

Korg Volca Beats

an interface for the Korg Volca Beat drum machine.

Korg Volca Keys

an interface for the Korg Volca Keys synthesiser.