Help document enhancement using improved scdoc.css and LaTex with additional features (subsubsection, HTML tags and punctuation marks)

SCDoc has had JavaScript since the beginning. Is it changing now? (btw, MathJax included int he first version of SCDoc)

JavaScript is a moving target, so it depends upon whether the QT component used in SCDocs provides sufficient JavaScript support for MathJax, and what the performance is like.

It’s probably fine, but you can’t assume that it will be. You need to test it.

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I think QT has dropped that browser widget for a while. I guess it still works because KDE has adopted it.

SC should be thankful for KDE. SC devs don’t need to have too much anxiety about it while that’s the situation.

A very motivated user did a proof-of-concept with substantial tests. It’s just a matter of clean up the implementation now.

I seem to have successfully restored the removed math:: tag. With the tag math:: inline and block math are available to use as code:: and teletype::.

There seems no problem occurred. As expected user can use math:: tag as well as \( .. \) and \[ .. \].

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All it took was for someone to blow the dust off the code, and everything started working again. The bison fix was so easy that I think nobody ever even tried to fix it :sweat_smile:

Well done @prko

There is a lesson there. Some people were spreading on GitHub that the bison/flex and all that code were “a mess” and totally “broken.” It took me one command, bison SCDoc.y --update, and I compiled everything with GCC. @prko did the same and put the math:: code, and it’s all fine.