How do I record multiple stereo files

This line records one file with 64 channels in it:

s.record(numChannels: 64);

Is there another one liner kind of way to instead record 32 Stereo files?

what I do is route the different stereo feeds to different audio buses, then attach a RecordBuf or a DiskOut to read from that bus (with, and write out to its own file. I do this in ProcModR / CtkPMod classes and have handled about 2 dozen recording at the same time without an issue.

That is nice. Very nice to hear this report that there are no issues with doing it this way. I’m grateful that sync drift is not an issue when doing it that way.

But, so… there is no one liner kind of way to do this huh?

I have solved this problem myself by doing it in post in Reaper but I just figured I’d ask if there was like a nifty way to save time for this task completing it inside just SC.

Just about anything can be turned into a one-liner by writing a function for it. It’s not strictly necessary for it to be a method defined in the core library.


My one liner is


but underneath that one line is all the logic that is needed for creating nodes / DiskOuts, buffer management, etc. I’ve built a number of classes to support my end goal.

Not even s.record, in the end, is a one liner.

But as James points out, have the power to make it and reuse it, etc.