How to check if a Task is finished

Hi all,

I’ am quite new to SC (but know the basics of Java) and this is my first time posting on the forum so greetings from Finland to everybody!
I tried googling and searching the documentation but couldn’t find the answer for this anywhere so…

If I’d like to do something - say, free a Synth - after a Task has carried out its final iteration, how could I check if it has finished?

Going through the Task documentation I found this:

…What’s that all about?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately the specific notification isn’t documented :man_facepalming: but it works like this:

var dependant;

t = Task { { |i|

dependant = SimpleController(t).put(\stopped, {
	"task has stopped".postln;


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Well, the question was in order then I guess.

Thanks a lot!