How to get SuperCollider PV extensions

I’m interested in the PV_SpectralEnhance and PV_MagSmooth extensions. They’re documented on the SuperCollider documentation website (PV_SpectralEnhance | SuperCollider 3.12.2 Help and PV_MagSmooth | SuperCollider 3.12.2 Help), but I can’t find out how to download the extensions. They’re not linked on the documentation page, and a quick Google search doesn’t seem to turn anything up. Anyone know how to access them?

They are part of the sc3-plugins, particularly JoshUGens (see top of the help page).
BTW the documentation website linked is a community contribution, not an “official” SC documentation. Unfortunately, we don’t have official helpfiles online at this time - these help documents can be found locally in the SC help browser.


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