How to set audio output interface to16 bits?

I have a GigaPort HD+ USB audio output device connected to my Windows 10 computer. I’m using SC 3.11.2. I want to use all 8 outputs.
The interface can handle 8 channel audio at 16 bits and 6 channels at 24 bits. I want to use 8 channels.
But when starting SC, it somehow puts the device in the 6-channel 24 bits mode. How can I make SC use 16 bits interface?

I’m not familiar with this device, but USB audio cards typically ship a small control panel app for Windows to configure sample rate, bit depth etc. A web search turned up references to e.g. “ driver and control panel” so I guess this device follows suit.

Since SC doesn’t provide a bit depth option, I suppose SC should respect the bit depth setting from the Gigaport control app. But it’s possible that SC’s usage of PortAudio assumes maximum bit depth – I don’t know. If it is overriding your device setting, that would be an issue we’d have to look into.

Apologies if it’s a really dumb question, but you didn’t mention explicitly configuring the device (outside of SC) for 16 bit operation so I kinda have to check if you set 16-bit mode. I should probably assume you did, but for an issue report, this needs to be clarified.


I used the control panel and now I’m sure it is the control rate issue.
I can set the mode of the USB device to 8 channel, 16 bits using the control panel.
But when starting SC and starting the control panel again, it changed to 6 channel 24 bits.
So SC indeed seems to change this to the highers rate available.

But this all was while using the Windows WDM-KS interface of this device. I managed to use the ASIO interface and that one does not has the problem. When setting the device to 8 channel 16 bits using the control panel, it stays in that mode when starting SC using the ASIO driver.

So with ASIO it works.
But I have to set the number of input channels to 0 because the device has no inputs. It it seems I can not mix this ASIO with other ASIO drivers for input. Something I will have to solve later. For now I can generate 8 channel audio. Thx!