How to start sclang without a server?

Hi. I am using sclang in a setup where I know the scsynth server is always already running, and I will want to connect to it with a new sclang client.

sclang always tries to start up a server process. In this setup it will fail, because the port is already taken by the existing server. After it has failed, I can do what I wanted to do and all that works just fine.

How do I start the sclang client so that it does not try to start a new server? The sclang(1) man-page doesn’t give a command-line parameter for this.

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First guess is: Go to your startup file and remove the line(s) you’ve added to start the server automatically.

Other guess might be that a quark could be doing it. That would be harder to find.

(There’s no command line option because booting the server on startup is not default behavior. It must be that either you configured it, or an extension is doing it.)


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Ah ok, got it. I’m running this on monome norns so I’ll try to trace where the server is coming from. Thanks this points me in the right direction!