Ide/editor change colours

Anyone able to succesfully change the colours of the IDE etcc ?
I tried to change the colours of the text selection etccc… ( of the themes ) , but nothing happens ,even after applying.
Bug or not ?

I’m on win 10

this is my setup on W10, works fine here (the help colors is a .css hack i found in another thread)

So whenever you change colours in preferences they are saved after applying ?
At least here it doesn’t

don’t remember exactly, but i think i copied the solarizedDark preset to a new one (next to the presets tab) apply that copy first, then change colors manually and re-apply.
.css hack for the help window is from this post (thanks @luka): Which IDE do you use?

All right
I just had to copy a preset and give it a new name
All is good now