Dear Supercollider Community,

I have been sonifying in python in my spare time some mathematical concepts mainly using Sagemath for doing the math calculations, writing to midi with python and creating mp3 with fluidsynth for example.

One year ago, I stumbled upon some formulas for calculationg pi and was asking myself, if it is possible to use these formulas in a sonification process, maybe with supercollider?

I have done a first step in this direction and sonified two or three formulas in python.
( Convergence I - #InfinitePiChallenge Violin Cello 314 - YouTube, Convergence II - #InfinitePiChallenge Piano 314 - YouTube)
Here is my latest piece for supercollider, where I used some midi as input to supercollider, which I would consider a little bit as cheating, but not so much, since the midi was generated from one formula in python.

The source code and midi can be found here:

I was asking myself, if someone of this community would like to step in and take the challenge to sonify one of the formlas purely in supercollider.

Thanks for reading.