Is there a language spec somewhere?


I just came across the construct “!?” that I could not find a documentation for (I figured out what it does by experimentation).

It does not seem to be mentioned in the Supercollider-Book either and so I wonder is there any specification of the language (not the Classes) where I could look up control-structures or language-constructs I am not familiar with?

Many thanks!

Amazingly enough, you can actually search for !? here

And there’s


See also these help files


One more question to the #[…] syntax I found in one of these documents:
It is explained as “literal Array” - but what is a “literal” array?

Does that simply mean that #[hubba, bubba] is the same es [“hubba”, “bubba”] (ie. you can omit the quotes when using the “literal” syntax) or is there more to it?

… which you might find by going to the help browser’s “Browse” page and clicking on the Language category. This will point you to other documents about language features as well.


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