Killing accidentally instantiated filter , keep .set parameters for first one

I sometimes make the the mistake of accidentlly executing a synth effect for the second time instead of the variable responsible for it’s parameters
The .free kills this instance and keeps the first one , but then the set parameters won’t work anymore for the first instantiated one becasue the node is not found
Is there a way to make the set parameters work again for the first launched effect , ?

If you know the ID number of the synth you can use
Synth.basicNew(\anything,s,nodeID: id)

There is also NodeWatcher to check if a synth is already playing with .isPlaying returning true/false.

The helpfile could actually do with an example that simply uses .register on a Synth using the default NodeWatcher on the default server (so no need to make a new one), I think this is the most common usecase. Something like this:

SynthDef(\morse, { arg out=0;,, 200, 600), 0, 0.2))

x= Synth(\morse).register;