Launching interactvie terminal with SCVim on OSX


I’m trying to setup SCVim. I got it working on a Linux machine but would like to run it on OSX as well. I’m having trouble launching the interactive shell. This is what I have on vimrc in Linux:

let g:sclangTerm = "xfce4-terminal -x $SHELL -ic"

What is the equivalent in OSX? I tried

let g:sclangTerm='open Terminal $SHELL -ic'

But it doesn’t launch it. I have iTerm2 installed in case that helps.


I use tmux for this on macOS. I haven’t tried it on Linux but in theory it should work :stuck_out_tongue:

let g:sclangTerm='tmux new-window' 

As long as vim is running in a tmux session, of course.


I have been trying it with tmux (booting it manually) and works great. I will try to put it as you say.

I’ve been playing around live coding with it for a couple days and I must say that Vim is absolutely THE tool. It definitely pays off the effort of learning it. It’s also a great way to practice Vim and a great excuse to try new things. I installed it early this week and had never used it before, so I’m still taking my first steps, but I already fell in love with it.

I could not recommend it enough.