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I am blind and operating my system with VoiceOver. This way, SC help system and this forum are unfortunately not very accessible to me.

I tried to use SC synced to Logic Pro via LinkClock. In Logic, 1 synced device shows up, when I evaluate: l = LinkClock(1).latency_(Server.default.latency); (tempo in Logic is set to 60, time signature to 4/4)

in SC there is a test Pbind:


p = Pbind(

\dur, 1



which works when evaluated.

If I press „play“ in Logic, nothing happens in SC, and vv.

what is wrong with this configuration, or what is missing in my code?

thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Possibly your code should pass the LinkClock to the Pbind play message, for example:

l = LinkClock(1).latency_(Server.default.latency);

p = Pbind(

\dur, 1

).play(l, quant: 1);


The first parameter of play is clock, which defaults TempoClock.default, so we pass in LinkClock here. I also added the quant parameter in my example as this can be useful for controlling pattern start.

I tried your code with those adjustments and the DAW synchronisation worked for me.

It’s worth noting Link doesn’t send transport controls (start/stop messages), so pressing start is required for all respective participants in a Link session - Logic and SC in this case.

Hope that helps,


Correct – LinkClock can only synchronize tasks or patterns that are playing on the LinkClock. Playing it on a different clock will not synchronize.

Note, though, that a LinkClock can serve as the default clock:

l =;
TempoClock.default = l;

Also correct – Link doesn’t send these. However Logic can send them: General Synchronization project settings in Logic Pro – Apple Support (UK) – “Transmit and Receive Start/Stop: When selected, transport start and stop commands are shared between all Link users in a session who have the feature enabled.”

You can receive these in SC – if l is a LinkClock:

var startStop = SimpleController(l)
.put(\linkStart, {
	/* here is a function to run upon 'start' */
.put(\linkStop, {
	/* here is a function to run upon 'stop' */
.put(\stop, {
	// this function is for the SC clock being permanently stopped.
	// it is NOT about peers starting or stopping.
	// we need this to clean up this status listener.

But you only get “start” and “stop” – it doesn’t tell you which peer started or stopped, and it doesn’t tell you an absolute beat position.


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