Little Confussion with Parameter typs

Dear Community,
I’m a beginner in SC so this question maybe silly.
I have written:

hasGain = 0.0, attackTime: 0.01, releaseTime: 0.01, mul: 1.0, add: 0.0);

And I need just a way to become a signal of 1 when hasGain is under 0.8, and 0 is it above.
I need it for a little Noise-Stopper, So I can say:

sig = fsig * hg ;

So when the Amplitude is above 0.8, the Sound will stopped.
Or is there maybe a better way.

In thanks of help


hg = hasGain < 0.8;

when hasGain is < 0.8, hg is 1, else it is 0