Live stream tomorrow!


I thought I’d try live-streaming here, tomorrow (7.2), at around 8pm, Central European Time. Most people here probably have no idea who I am or why they should watch me, a beginner, try live-coding, so I thought I’d write a short introduction.

I’m an Australian guitarist and composer living in Weimar, Germany. I’ve been using SC for a bit more than two years but still consider myself very much a beginner - SC was kind of a very casual hobby until quite recently when I decided to take things a bit more seriously, use SC in composition and improvisation and try to get to a level where SC is as important to my musical practice as guitar or anything else I use.

Improvising has been central to my music practice since basically forever and is a big part of how I learn. Recently I started trying live-coding without an audience, and I’ve been enjoying it and making music that I think isn’t terrible. I don’t think me streaming could possibly be the same kind of educational experience that more experienced users here offer, but maybe a few people might like to tune in and hear how someone at a lower level of SC knowledge deals with trying to make nice/interesting music, and maybe wants to give me some feedback on my quite haphazard coding style.



this is about to start!