Mailing list mode quirks

Hi list, oops, forum,

reading the forum in mailing list mode has a few drawbacks it seems,
most of them not technical but social
One important social difference is that, apart from missing greetings,
authors are no longer quoting other messages as much. This disconnects
newly incoming emails from the discussion thread, there is not longer a
thread. For example I do get an email on Wednesday saying
“Awesome Peter!”
without much context apart from the subject line.

Speaking of which, subjects lines have gotten hard to read as they
always echo the thread’s category, the worst is “[Resources/Libraries
and Quarks]” which leaves little space for the email client to display
the actual topic.

Each and every mail features an annoyingly large footer.

Sometimes when people use the forum quoting function, it is forwarded as
shown below (provided the forum renders this plain text email as plain

----- Forwarded message from Spacechild1 via scsynth -----