Mike McCormick - SC Journal #1

Hi all,

Sorry for cross-posting; I thought I would share with you the first of what I hope to be a series of “SuperCollider Journal” pieces, an effort to explore some of the various performative possibilities of SC…all feedback is very much appreciated!

SC Journal #1


Thanks Mike, much welcomed !

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Thank you for sharing Mike,
I think the way you address the topic of identity and computer performance is very strong and transparent and even at times “dramatic” (at least in the performance you linked). Who are we when we perform? that is a deep question! In my opinion, by exploring the threshold between fantasy and reality you have managed to leave a strong trace of your personality into the music (I cannot say at all what was “real” and what was “fiction” you keep the tension high. I just hope some of it was fiction…). Thumbs up with the project.

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Thanks so much for your comments Alejandro! I’m hoping to expand upon these ideas in the future…