Modulating blendAt in a SynthDef

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I’m testing this additive synth and would like to interpolate between the collections of value used to set the frequencies of the sines. The ‘blendAt’ method will take an Integer but not an OutputProxy… Is there a workaround (not having to work with Routines in the Client), or a better way to achieve this?
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x= {arg freqmin=20, freqmax = 5000, blend=0; var i=30, sig, freqarray1, freqarray2, freqarray3, freqmod;
	freqarray1=Array.fill(i, {arg i; freqmin*(i+1)});
	freqarray2=Array.interpolation(i, freqmin, freqmax);
	freqarray3 = freqmax/Array.series(i, 1, 2);
	freqmod = [freqarray1, freqarray2, freqarray3].blendAt(blend);
	sig =, 0, 1/i);
	sig =;

LinSelectX is the corresponding UGen.

Note that all array indexing in the server where the index is a UGen requires some variety of Select UGen.


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